The Buckley Insurance Group has been an amazing help to us in selecting our Medicare supplemental insurance. They are very knowledgeable, readily available to speak and answer questions and have always found us the best type of insurance for the best price. Thank you Buckley Insurance!  
- Leslie F

 After answering a few preliminary questions about my health via email, I arrived at the office to set up a medicare plan. Kerri had narrowed down my choices buy the information I had provided. Customer service was fantastic and I left having conquered the medicare maze ! May thanks!  
- Heidi O

 This company led by Kerri Buckley is fast, efficient, and very knowledgeable. She takes you through the complexities of Medicare thoroughly and explains all options. She also provides every other type of insurance and is a very trustworthy individual.  
- Jim J


 Kerri was so knowledgeable, easy to talk to. Very clear and precise. The Buckley Group was recommended by two of our previous business associates and one of our friends.  
- Danny S

 I've known the folks at Buckley for a few months now, as they are actively involved in the township Chamber of Commerce. Top notch family-owned local business... friendly and comfortable to work with... specializing in a wide range of insurance services. You won't be disappointed.  
- Brian M

 I was referred to Buckley insurance group number of years back when I was first looking into supplemental health insurance and drug care coverage. I found them to be very helpful in obtaining the original coverages as well as follow-ups on annual basis to make sure I was getting the coverages I needed at the best possible cost of premiums.  
- Thomas C


 Even though I had done a ton of research regarding Medicare and the various options available (Advantage plans, supplements, drug plans) , I realized that I needed an expert guide to actually select an option.
Kerri and Derick Buckley are the "experts". With their help we were able to select the correct plans for our needs and I envision a long term relationships with their agency. Many thanks for their help.  

- Tom S

 After being very sure I could figure out the best Medicare RX plan for my husband, I was more confused and frustrated than I can describe in a public forum. I mentioned this to my neighbor who referred me to the Buckley Group. After a short review with Lisa she found us a great plan that covers all the medications and lets us use our favorite drug store. Then she found a more economical supplemental plan for us as well. Money saved without pulling out all my hair!! OH and did I mention there was no charge. Thanks Lisa!
PS: In preparation for my own switch over to Medicare, I met with Lisa again recently and had the save delightful experience all over again. We went over all the options and she did a great job of explaining the differences in plans and helped me decide whether to use traditional Medicare or Medicare Advantage. Definitely recommend this group.  

- Bobbie H

 Hats off to Derick & Kerri Buckley. So happy they were there to help me with the Medicare Supplement Insurance Policy selection and application. Just reviewing all the info out there can be daunting, but not for Derick and Kerri Buckley. I am confident i now have the insurance i need thanks to them. I will definitely refer them to my family and friends.  
- Rosemary A